Looking back on the last six months, 2013 has definitely been a year for growth and change. And I haven’t been writing over the last few months because I’ve been trying to figure out how to balance it all.

With work, trying to manage things at home, and trying to stay healthy, the journey has definitely been tiring, stressful, and a bit overwhelming. But its also been one of the greatest blessings I could imagine.

That’s because I’ve been trying to do it all while my husband and I prepare to have our first child this fall!!!

I found out I was pregnant back in February and the first trimester was very rough. But now, we know we’re having a little girl and we can’t be more excited!!!

We’re already making plans for the nursery, picking out everything we need, and looking forward to life as parents.

photo (5)

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our growing family the rest of the year. And hopefully, I’ll actually find some time to write about it all.

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