Everyone has a dream, something they want to achieve. Sometimes it’s simply something on your bucket list, like visiting a certain place or meeting a particular person. But it can also be deeper than that. It can be tied to what you believe is your purpose.

That’s the kind of dream my husband is accomplishing.

He recently started his own web comic called Xenon.

He’s been working to develop the story, and the superhero it features, for years.

He dreamed of creating a character that would transcend the world of science fiction and reach different types of people.

Now, it’s happening.

This weekend, I got the chance to see my husband interact with other comic book enthusiasts, and tell them about his “baby.” He was an artist for Free Comic Book Day at the largest comic book shop in our city.

It was his official debut in the comic book world.

I know I couldn’t possibly match his excitement that day, but I couldn’t have been prouder.

He reminded me (and others) that, with a little faith, a lot of hard work and diligence, dreams can come true.

“Pursue your dreams. If you can do what you love, you won’t feel like you’re working!” – Devin Smith (Xenon creator and my husband)

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