Hi. Welcome To Finding Inspiration. I’m Claresa, a former news producer turned stay-at-home mom, writer, and blogger with a passion for sharing stories and ideas that allow us to see the good things in life.

Maybe it’s because I always need a reminder. A reminder to take note of the good things, recognize they come from a good God, and rejoice in that instead of worrying, complaining or trying to control the uncontrollable.

I created the Finding Inspiration blog in 2010, but it has been through several transitions since then and now represents a way of life. A way of life where—no matter what we’re going through—we can find the inspiration to keep the faith, live well, and see the beautiful parts of life. This, while knowing that beautiful doesn’t always mean pretty and problem-free.

Finding Inspiration is a space for anyone who—like me—wears many hats and faces everyday challenges that always seem to be on the brink of stealing your joy, but you refuse to let them. So, whether you’re an anxiety-ridden worrier, a perfectionist, a bit jaded, an outcast, or someone who just struggles to put one foot in front of the other sometimes—there is a place for you on this journey. 


The Mission

No matter what challenge we’re facing—whether it has to do with growing our faith, improving our relationships, parenting, or becoming a better steward of our time, talents, and things—it can be hard to move through alone. So, my hope is that I can encourage you by sharing the everyday inspiration I find and what I’m learning from it. 

As you read, you’ll find posts from daily life, news, and culture that encourage, provide helpful methods, or offer Biblical wisdom and life lessons. You’ll also see posts that point you to where you can find inspiring things for watching, listening, or reading. Then, there’s poetry and other special features.

The Manifesto

Finding Inspiration is a space rooted in the belief that we can find inspiration anywhere—our experiences and encounters, the media we consume, the beauty of creation—and it is, ultimately, a good gift (James 1:17) from a good God (Luke 18:19, Mark 10:18). And we tap into it when we take note of the things God says are good: things that are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, done with excellence or worthy of praise (Philippians 4:8).

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