And So We Wait is a look at the power of God’s Love, how—because of that Love—Jesus was born and later sacrificed his life for us, and how the Advent season calls us to remember the wait for his arrival.

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And So We Wait

One being— grounded, firm, holding the weight of it all.
Love, His true essence.
His Son—holy, wonderful, our Immanuel, sent to bear our burden.
A child born of grace, unduly given.
For salvation.
This plan—known, purposed, willed, and foretold in the garden,
coming to fruition.
From God’s Word, we remember.
We remember the light of our Savior
shining bright as the star of Bethlehem
showing us the way.
The way to hope,
to faith,
to joy,
to peace.
And we long for it,
never wanting our rushed days or restless hearts
to let us forget.
And so we wait.

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