I peered out of my front window, and almost immediately I noticed hints of light green on my sparse hydrangea bushes.

I’ve had them about a year and they just started to bloom this week.

The sight of each flower made me breathe a sigh of relief.

That is because I had been worried about them since the onset of spring.

Worried about whether I did something wrong that would keep them from blooming.

Worried that others would judge me if they didn’t grow.

I’d forgotten that all flowers don’t bloom at the same time.

They bloom in their own perfect timing.

All we can do is prepare them for their blooming season.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

I find it a lot like parenting these days, and waiting for your child to develop and hit that next milestone. But sometimes it’s harder to wait than it is to worry. In those moments, we just have to remember that all things happen in due time.



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