Over the last week, I’ve learned a lot about marriage and just simply loving the one you’re with…and not forgetting those little things that make you smile on the inside.

For me and my hubby, there’s nothing like art, poetry, and dancing.

He draws for me.

I write for him.

Or visa versa.

And we always dance together.

We delighted in those things from the start of our relationship.

I remember reading him countless entries from my writing notebook when we were dating, reciting a poem about him during our wedding, and giving him words on anniversaries that I dream will be put to music and become songs for us to share.

And the moments when my “D” shares his art with me are even more special. I still have the notes with hand-drawn roses. And how can I forget the caricature he was drawing on a computer tablet the night he proposed to me (unofficially). He turned it into a screensaver for his desk at work.

Then…there were the times when we would dance in the kitchen like the Huxtables on the”Cosby Show,” at family parties, or out on the town. We bonded over Barry White, jazz, Caribbean rhythms, and Latin beats.

And for a moment, I think I started to forget all of that: the little things we enjoyed.

I think I got a little too comfortable.

It took a marriage retreat that made me uncomfortable (in a good way) to help me see what was happening.

We spent about two days talking and crying, and then enjoyed a night of dancing…just getting to back to the place where the fire started.

It was wonderful, and we looked forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day. But as the holiday rolled around, we both found ourselves at home, under the weather.

So you know exactly what that meant.

No roses and chocolate.

No nice dinner.

No store-bought gifts.

So we went back to the little things that made us smile.

I gave him written words from the heart.

And he gave me the kind of rose that wouldn’t die…one drawn from his heart.



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    1. Thank you for your kind words. We’re practically fresh off the newlywed train…so we’re learning that the things that seemed so natural in the beginning won’t always be so natural when you throw in busy work schedules, chores, and regular life stuff. We have to put effort into keeping the romance, and making it real to us and who we are.

    1. Thank you. We are so blessed, and we thank God that He brought us together all the time. But God does have to knock some sense into us every now and then when we start to take it for granted. Then things seem to get even better.

  1. Oh, my goodness – that is so unbelievably touching – i think my eyes are leaking a little 🙂

    How wonderful that you dance together! That was always one of my favorite parts of the Cosby show 🙂

    So glad I hopped over from Gypsy Mama’s

    1. I’m glad you hopped over too!!! I loved the Huxtables and how they would take those moments to dance and be romantic. My hubby and I both watched the Cosby Show growing up, and thought to ourselves “we wanna do that when we get married!” So dancing was a big thing for both of us 🙂

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