A friend of mine and her new husband make one of the most beautiful couples you could ever see, and have hearts to match. And those hearts truly inspired me on their wedding day.

They planned to have a simple garden ceremony and a good ol’ southern-style reception. But those plans changed with forecasts warning of torrential rains the entire day. In a matter of hours, the outdoor ceremony had to be moved indoors, and the open-yard barbeque plans went caput.

That would have shattered me.

When I was planning my wedding last year, my desire to have an outdoor ceremony lasted for about a month. The thought of having to come up with a backup plan if the weather didn’t cooperate and the thought of actually having to use it completely stressed me out. So I simply gave up and opted for a traditional church ceremony and indoor reception. I guess you could say I didn’t want any uncontrollable variables to have such a big impact on my big day.

This bride didn’t seem to care. And if she did, she didn’t let it show.

Photo by Scott Childs

She just put on her cowboy boots, and enjoyed the journey. My husband, who was a part of the bridal party, even told me she suggested she and her new husband jump in a nearby fountain after the ceremony. In the end, they didn’t take the plunge, but having that kind of attitude says a lot.

It’s an example of how we should embrace life with unstoppable joy, and take advantage of every moment we have on earth.

A little rain (or should I say a lot of rain) didn’t stop her from enjoying her day, and we shouldn’t let it stop us.

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