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I wore a dress Thursday, looking forward to an evening of deep stares, smiles, and a shared dessert that would take me back to the moment I realized he was my beloved.

Back then, we ate dinners at the dining room table to a soundtrack of jazz music and the occasional Barry White hit, and we were willing to stay up all night just to be with each other.

But with each passing year, it seems the hours produce a more exhausted version of ourselves. Our time is filled with work, laundry and everything else on our to-do lists.

So this year when our Valentine’s Day plans fell apart, I didn’t care.

I realized that I didn’t need a special dinner, flowers, cards, or candy.

I realized that I have my beloved every day of the year.

And he has me.

And we can show each other what we mean to each other any day of the year.


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  1. Oh how I can relate to the more exhausted version of ourselves. And I love your perspective here and the reminder that we are loved and can be loved every day of the year.

  2. Every day love is more romantic than v day love; my son is fortunate to have you for his Beloved every day of the year.

  3. Hi Claressa
    Oh, yes, dear one, I cannot agree more! Not only do I have my beloved husband with me everyday, but my heavenly Beloved Lord Jesus as well! Over via FMF.
    Much love

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