Being a hero.
It’s a picture often drawn with masks, armor, and flowing capes;
with the people behind them,
wielding superpowers we only dream about
and winning battles that seem other worldly.
But it’s all a sham.
The vision is perfection,
but in life, there are flaws within.
They live next to fear and doubt.
Real heroes are in the everyday.
Bare souls.
They heed the call,
but it’s not by choice.
After all, no one wants to be a real hero.
No one wants to fight the fight.
Too difficult.
But there’s courage when one leaves themselves behind
and takes on the cause of another.
Then they find their God-given gifts,
and a source of protection
from those inner villains
and the outer cruelties of this world.
Now that’s something we don’t have to dream about.


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  1. Profound expression of heroism. Taking on the cause of another…that’s it for sure. I can attest to the truth of what you write here because I’ve witnessed it myself and wrote about it in my FMF. You have a great looking site. I’ll be back for more. Blessings

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