Over the past month, I have absolutely loved seeing the beauty among those around me.

Couples remembering the first time they met, and sharing how that love changed their lives.

Families celebrating another win, another birthday, or another milestone.

The lively, smiley photos of people from all walks of life gathering to celebrate Easter, and what it represents.

Not to mention, the encouragement, and the support that I’ve found among a sisterhood of souls.

The “go girl” for the one who just lost that stubborn seven pounds.

The “yay you!” for the one who found out she’s expecting another child.

The utter elation when one writes her story, and shares a book with the world.

And it goes even deeper with the “Pin” and the “re-Tweet” of that piece of God’s good news and how it changed another life. Or the “yes” to that desperate prayer request, and “amen” to that awesome example of faith lived out.

It all makes me excited about the future — because life can get messy, and trying to get through it alone can be hard.

messy quote

As my mother’s only child, I know what life is like when you feel like you’re the only one there, and have to deal with things on your own.

I’ve even found my heart living in that space with a host of other people around me.

It’s a lonely life that can make its messes seem overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be that way–because when you let the right people in, you’re never really alone.

There’s always someone thinking about you, praying for you, hoping with you, dreaming with you. Helping you celebrate life, and find beauty in its messes.

And that, in itself, is a beautiful thing.


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  1. Visiting from http://www.mywordstudy.com via FMF. So glad you’ve found community. I’m doing the same after many years. Sometimes those who have had family and friends can’t imagine how it feels for those of us who didn’t have that as our life experience. I really appreciate you post, especially that you say “let the right people in”. Not everyone is. I’m taking it slow…hopefully not too slow. Blessings…

  2. I think what you said about when you let the right people into your life, you are never really alone. That was so beautiful, and so true. 🙂 This was a lovely post.

  3. This year we studied Romans and Paul’s connection to other believers was s great example even though he traveled a lot. I, too, grew up feeling lonely, but being available to allow those right people to enter my life has truly blessed me.

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