friends shadow

Our spirits connect
as we draw from the same well
and find comfort
in each other,
and the One who brought us there.

We share our stories,
become vulnerable
and reveal imperfect selves.
Masks off.

We laugh.
We cry.
We know the way of the struggle
and walk through it together,
tossing prayers into the air;
never letting them fall on deaf ears.

The distance relative
when hearts have such fondness.

Because we love.

And our love
comes from words
spoken in the Corinthian letters,
and true.

We are a divine sisterhood of sorts.
We are friends.


Five Minute Friday

I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker today for Five Minute Friday. Here’s how it works: Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. And you can join too. Just click the button to learn how.

Sharing the Love

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  1. Goodness this was good! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from the Five Minute Friday link up (and I’m just a little bit in love with your hair 🙂 )

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