I spent so many years climbing a mountain of dreams, grappling to hold onto plans and things that resembled pieces of my former self. But I kept slipping, falling just short.

It felt like failure. But I realized I wasn’t failing. I was changing.

I wasn’t the person I used to be — because that’s not who I am supposed to be.

I was made new.

The day I took hold of Jesus’ garments, I didn’t see that He started working a miracle in me; a work that He continues to do each day.

He changes my heart to a heart for Him.

He changes my dreams and desires to those that will glorify Him.

He changes me.

Although I still fall short and make mistakes these days, the hand of God is steady and strengthens me for my journey.

*Linking up with Kate Motaung today for Five Minute Friday. It’s a writing “flash mob” of sorts, and here are the rules: Get your thoughts together. Then write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. You can post in the comments on the Five Minute Friday Facebook page, Kate’s blog or link up there with a post from your own blog. Then check out the post before yours, and leave a comment.

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