When I was a child, I never had the desire to read a comic book. In fact, I rarely watched cartoons or anything animated. And to think, I married a man whose passion lies in those very things.

My husband would persuade me to watch anime, and I would fall asleep. He would talk to me about other comic artists and their characters, and my eyes would glaze over. He would make me visit a comic book shop, and I would circle the store, impatiently waiting for the moment I could leave.

I didn’t understand his passion. I didn’t know what inspired him. And I never tried to find out.

That is, until I got the chance to see my husband in his element—with other comic artists.

The heavy rain couldn’t keep my husband and six other artists from meeting at a local comic book shop last week. They sat around a table in the corner of the store, with their sketchbooks, portfolios, and art supplies sprawled out in front of them. The group, called the Brotherhood of Comic Artists, had invited the public to learn about their passion, and see the work that’s inspired them to keep drawing.

Who knew they would inspire me?

I saw artists, each with very different styles, all committed to improving their skills. Some drawing comics filled with superheroes and fights while others featured friends, pets and love stories. I even heard the artists tell stories about how they were born with a love of art, and how it’s helped them minister to others. My husband was one of those artists.

So as the evening wound down, I decided to circle this comic book shop. But instead of impatiently waiting for the moment to leave, I took my time, and picked up a couple comic books—and bought them.

CLICK HERE for more on the event from Tony Snipes of ArtLessonsFromGod.com

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