I’ve always loved Reese Witherspoon in those “Legally Blonde” movies, but now I’m a fan at a whole new level.

Well, I recently saw an off-Broadway performance of “Legally Blonde: The Musical” and I must say, it was one of the best musicals I’d seen in a while. The musical was set to star Laura Bell Bundy, who previously starred in the show on Broadway. But Bundy wasn’t there. Although initially disappointed because I’d lost my chance to see the original Elle Woods reprise her role, I was soon impressed. The entire cast was amazing! They musical truly captured the spirit of the films with high energy dancing, and great comedic timing. They also used the songs and dialog in such a way that it didn’t bother me that some parts of the plot were rewritten. For example, the song “What You Want” became the way Elle introduced herself to Harvard’s admissions director instead of a video. In fact, it’s my favorite song in the musical.

So you may be asking why I’m such a fan of “Legally Blonde.”

Well, it’s because there’s something behind the blonde hair, the pink dresses, and the “pet purse.” I obviously don’t have a lot in common with Elle on the surface. Beyond the fact that I’m in a sorority, like pink, and have a mild case of “girly girl” syndrome, there’s not much there. Although I enjoy Elle Woods and her antics so much, her story compels me. It’s a story of triumph.

Now I clearly don’t agree with trying to get into Harvard and changing yourself for a man, but I love that she gets it all right in the end. She has a determination and a drive. And she ultimately remains true to herself. She doesn’t let the negativity and the opinions of others ruin her. She graduates as valedictorian of her law school class and even works with congressional lawmakers.

I know these sort of success stories don’t happen to a lot of us, but they make us set goals for ourselves and dream about achieving the things we never thought we could. I’m a big proponent for vision casting and dreaming big.

If you like the “Legally Blonde” movies as much as I do, you will definitely like the musical.

Now here’s the original Broadway cast performing “What You Want” on MTV:

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