For days, I’ve seen Christians making pleas for other Christ followers to make sure they show the love of Jesus Christ, and reach out to non-believers this week. That’s because it’s considered Holy Week, where believers like me remember Jesus’ crucifixion, and celebrate His resurrection, along with what it represents.

Each time I see a request like that, I wince and feel a shadow of doubt hovering over my shoulder. Can I really do that?

The bible says God showed Himself, and thus love, through Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice of death. And God did all this so that He could one day call His people saints. He loved us in spite of ourselves, and saved us even though we’re sinners. Now that is amazing love.


I never thought I would feel that kind of love. Then I had a child who forces me demonstrate some form of Godly love everyday. Nothing teaches you about love like dealing with a baby or a toddler. My six-month-old daughter constantly leaves messes for me to clean up. She scratches me while learning how to be gentle. She touches things I don’t want her to touch. She grunts or cries for my immediate attention instead of being patient. And at this point, she literally wants to taste what life has to offer, and deal with the consequences later. Still, I love her.

In fact, I loved her and knew her name before she even entered this world. And I will use that love to help guide her and give her correction when needed because I know her potential. That’s the same way I believe God knows and loves His children.

Two weeks ago, my daughter was actually baptized, and a blessing was spoken over her that she may know that love of God and seek comfort in it.

Well, this Easter and everyday I will continue to pray that she receives that blessing as she comes to know the grace of our Savior.

baptism 1a
baptism 2

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