She walked the stage, commanding it, as she told a story from her college years. One that seemed to set the stage for what she now feels is a calling on her life. I could hear the passion in her voice as she called on the crowd before her to come together and help in the work of social justice and racial reconciliation.

She said it wouldn’t be easy, that there would be times of fear.  She added that her message had faced so many challenges in the past that she was actually afraid that day.

“You never know if today will be the day,” she said.

At that moment, I realized we all feel fear sometimes–even the most confident or commanding of us.

The fear that makes us think “I can’t possibly do that” or “God can’t possibly use me here” or “They’re not going to like what I have to say.”

The fear that makes us say our work and our stories aren’t worth sharing.

But when we’re inspired, it’s like we trust God to push us through the fear.

Maybe it’s because we’re so passionate about what we’re doing.

And maybe it’s because we know God has a plan at work, in spite of us.

With that push, we can speak while the butterflies flutter in our stomachs. We can show the artwork we think isn’t as good as “theirs”. We can publish the words we worry won’t make an impact. We can do the things we constantly try to talk ourselves out of doing.

I think trusting God pushes us into a place of power and love. A place where we can control the fear as He works in us, and around us.


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This is Day 23 of the series, 31 Days of Inspired Living. Join me through the month of October as I write about what I think it looks like to find the inspiration that makes us better. I’ll also offer some encouragement for your journey. In case you missed a day, you can find previous posts in the series here.

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