She stands tall and strong. Her voice solid, weighty, with the message she’s been called to share. There’s a pulse to her words. They carry a steady rhythm. From time to time, she breaks it. And I break on the inside.

Her words make me look at my life and my heart, where things are imperfect and are often unpretty.

They penetrate me.

So I avert my gaze, trying to disconnect and hold back tears.

I inhale deeply and let go, as my eyes scan the room.

I notice I am sitting between two women who couldn’t hold back. Or never tried.

We pass tissues like offering plates on a Sunday morning, and I feel God in the midst.

The Spirit breathing on all of us, making us kindred.

Through one woman’s poetry, I see the beauty of art, and how it can point us to the ultimate Creator. I see how pieces come together. How brokenness can become beautiful. Our broken words and fragmented thoughts. Our pencil lines and paint strokes. Our musical notes. And all the things we can use to mold and shape the things we create.

I also see how God works the same way in the lives of His children.

When God draws us to Himself, He molds and shapes our lives in a way that changes us and makes us new creations.  Though we continue to be a work in progress, we are never the same as were in the moment when it all begin. He redeems our story, and gives others the chance to see us in a different light and be inspired by the transformation.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” (2 Corinthians 5:17)


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This is Day 15 of the series, 31 Days of Inspired Living. Join me through the month of October as I write about what I think it looks like to find the inspiration that makes us better. I’ll also offer some encouragement for your journey. In case you missed a day, you can find previous posts in the series here.

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