For many, summertime is all about slowing down, enjoying the warm weather, and finding time to rest and relax with family.  But for some of us, that’s just not possible. We’ve got work to do, projects to finish, errands to run, meals to make, kids to keep entertained—and it’s exhausting.  Throw in the sicknesses going around and it could drive you mad.

It was a couple weeks after the unofficial start of summer when that sickness started making the rounds in my family. The sickness had already hit my 3-year-old the previous week—but like most things—it couldn’t keep her down for long. We spent the weekend inside and I relaxed as much as my girl and her 5-month-old brother would allow. Thankfully, I managed to stave it off, for the most part. My husband, however, wasn’t so lucky.  He needed a lot more rest than usual.

Trying to handle all of our responsibilities and love those around us well can be hard, especially while trying to rest and fight off sickness. The daily grind can make us feel anxious, irritable, frustrated, and sometimes resentful towards the very people we’re called to love and care for.  

But I’ve learned to see those situations differently.

To find out how, join me over at GraceTable, where I’m sharing about it in a post called”Loving Your Spouse Jesus’ Way”

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