I can’t believe it is January 2012 already. It seems like yesterday was Thanksgiving, and then December just hurled right past me like a speeding bullet. I had more time off than I’d had in years, and yet it was one of the busiest times I can remember.

I feel like the end of the year flew by, and the new year came so quickly. So fast…me and the Mr. didn’t even it coming. Literally.

December rolled out, leaving me bedridden with a stomach bug, an intense headache, and one sore throat. I slept for nearly two days, afraid eat or drink anything my husband tried to offer me. But somehow I managed get well enough to try and make it through all of the big events we planned to attend to celebrate the new year.

We planned to spend part of New Year’s Eve at church so I could see my parents and sing with the choir. And from there, we wanted to head to a New Year’s Eve party that some family members were hosting.

After three and a half hours, I’d made it through one church service, part of another, and sat down to eat in the church cafe with the remainder of the service playing on an LCD screen behind me. Next thing you know, balloons were falling and confetti was flying in the sanctuary.

It was after midnight, and we’d missed the entire countdown.

Oh well.

The whole situation was kind of funny because, earlier that night, the pastor had actually mentioned that the older your get, fewer things seem important.

At that moment, I didn’t care that I was sitting in a closed church cafe instead of a crowded room or dressed to the nines at an upscale nightclub. The younger me would have cared. But now, in the last year of my twenties, I just wanted to be alive and well, safe and secure, and with my husband.

So after wrapping up an unfinished conversation and wishing everyone around us a “Happy New Year,” we headed to that family party. And though our celebrating started well after midnight, we danced the night away. We didn’t dwell on missing the moment the clock struck twelve. We just let loose, and partied like it was 1999, celebrating that we made it through 2011 and into 2012.

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  1. Hi Claresa!!! I too was sick in bed all NYE with a stomach bug! Hubby woke me up 10 mins before the ball dropped to tell me we had 10 before the ball dropped! LOL I went back to sleep. Then, he woke up up 1 min before. I helped him do a weak countdown, we kissed and I went back to sleep! I didn’t miss the moment, but there wasn’t any glitz or glam and I was ok with that.

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