When I graduated from college, I wanted to pack up my things, and leave the sweet tea and hospitality that made me love the Tarheel state to go anywhere.  I was so inspired to get out, get on my own, and start covering news stories that I hurried through three years of school and rejected any opportunity that would have kept me there a day longer.

I thought I was ready for the next big thing. And that it would catapult me out of the Carolinas and into a place where I could follow my dreams and make a difference–on my own terms.

Even with all my hurrying, I had to wait nearly a year after I graduated from college to start working in a newsroom. As I waited, I questioned my abilities, and I doubted whether I would even make it in news or be given the opportunity. At times, I felt like a failure.

Waiting was hard because I felt so inspired to do something. I felt like my world was going to end if I didn’t do something right then or make a mad dash to get it done.

Over the years, I spent a lot of time hurrying, just like I did back in school. But deep down I don’t believe it ever made me better. It only distracted me from what I really needed to be doing: slowing down and considering God’s hand in it all.

Back then, I didn’t truly believe God was in control. I didn’t truly believe there was a plan for my life a part from the one I created. I didn’t truly believe that, maybe, my timeframe for things wasn’t God’s timeframe.

All I believed was that I needed to hurry.

Still, God knew there was more work for me to do in the in-between. More seeking. More learning. More living. More connecting. Things that would make me better.

I just needed to trust Him.


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This is Day 28 of the series, 31 Days of Inspired Living. Over the course of this series, I’ll take a look at what I think it means to find the inspiration that makes us better, and what that may look like in our lives. I’ll also offer some encouragement for your journey. In case you missed a day, you can find previous posts in the series here


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