I sat at my dining room table finishing a response to an email about my latest writing project when I heard it. “Mommy! Look!” It startled me. But I quickly turned my head and saw my 2-year-old pointing at the golden light bursting its way through the slats of the living room window and the door beside it. “The sun! The sun is out!” She leaped as she got more excitable. “Yay!” she added. By then, her arms were waving in the air and she couldn’t stop jumping. “Yes, the sun is out,” I said. I couldn’t stop smiling.

The sun that day and the headlines showing warmer temperatures returning to the Carolinas were both welcomed sights–after the winter we’ve had. Though we’ve had some great moments, many days included late nights, early mornings, isolation and sickness. I’ve spent last month or so trying to clear the tickle out of the back of my throat and muffle a stubborn cough while trying to reign in a toddler who refused to let a slowed immune system slow her down.

You can say I did a lot of leaning on God’s grace to get me through those days.

On days like that, it’s hard to love bravely, to open your home, or to cheerfully give of yourself to others. It’s easy to retreat. I know because I tend to do that a lot, without remembering how presence can minister to a weary soul.

But why? I’ve seen it’s power, and it is a wonderful thing.

Join me over at GraceTable as I share a story about The Ministering Power of Presence.



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