I’ve officially been married one year. And it’s been an amazing year.

I’ve learned a lot about my husband. But I’ve learned even more about myself. I realized I whine more than I thought, I nag more than I thought, and debate a lot more than I thought. But I also realized I could love more than I thought I was capable of loving anyone.

I love my husband more than any person on this earth.

And I love every part of him.

The artist who’s a perfectionist at heart and makes every pencil stroke tell the story of his life, full of vision, animation, and in vivid color.

The self-proclaimed nerd and gamer who enjoys days spent reading comic books, watching anime and Star Trek, or playing chess and X-Box with the boys.

The web designer, businessman and computer whiz who is constantly thinking about the next best thing, finding the latest iPad apps or design software, and who is always willing to create a blog header for me or teach me how to alter my website theme.

The romantic who’ll find any reason to cook a meal, get dressed up, bring home flowers, put on smooth jazz and dance the night away.

The God-fearing man who feels most comfortable praying on his knees, sharing his faith or making someone feel special.

What I found in my husband was so unexpected, but I thank God for it.

He makes me laugh.

He compliments me.

He challenges me.

He calls me to be the person I’m supposed to be.

And I’m better for it.

What has marriage taught you about yourself?

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  1. Awwwww!!! Wait…are you talking about MY brother? LOL just kidding! Stacey and I always have hope that we will find a gem somewhere because our brother is evidence that there are still good men out there!

  2. @Tim Thank you! That means a lot!
    @Devin I think I have it even better 😉
    @Melissa Your brother is a gem. And I have hope you’ll find a gem too. There are good men out there. Don’t settle.

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