I remember countless moments where I’ve prayed for things, asked for blessings, and I received them when people and opportunities entered my life in the nick of time.

Whether it was help rebounding after the burglary at my house, help with a job, or help finding a way for my husband to get another car, those blessings changed my entire world. And the moments I received them are ingrained in my memory.

I am so grateful for those moments.

I recently got the chance to see Israel and New Breed in a free concert. And talk about a group who lives their life by being a blessing to others! Not only do they perform with a passion like no other whether they’re selling tickets or not, but they also have a passion for the poor and the needy.

It humbled me as they sang about loving others, meeting the poor where they are, and realizing the severity of the problems they face.

Then it touched my heart as they talked about visiting Africa and sponsoring children who live in shambles and do not get the opportunity to go to school. For them, work is a necessity and clean water is a luxury. Some even have to take care of family members affected by the HIV virus.

Through them, I saw how one person can make a difference in someone’s life, and realized just how important it is to be a continual blessing to others, especially the poor.

At that moment, I remembered all those who had been a blessing to me and wanted to pay it forward.

And I did… by sponsoring a child of my own.

What are you doing to pay it forward and be a blessing to others?

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