For some reason, I have this fascination with reality television. Scripted or not, they seem to make me feel like I know the people I’m watching.

What drives them.

What makes them tick.

But oftentimes, the drama is capped off with fights that have harsh language, and heavy hands hurting people once called friends.

I admit it can be entertaining, but I have no real connection with it.   I can’t identify with the stars. Their lives don’t look like mine. They don’t deal with things in their lives the way I would deal with them.

But that’s starting to change.

It all started with the Style Network series, Tia and Tamera.  The first season followed the actresses known as the Mowry twins as one planned a wedding and the other went through her first pregnancy. It was refreshing to see women who were around my age, trying to maintain the balance between career and family…because that’s where I am in my life.

And now, sisters Erica and Tina Campbell are doing the same thing and showing what it’s like to be  gospel artists in their series, Mary Mary, on WE TV. And they’re addressing the challenges that come with being  Christian women, living the fast-paced life of celebrities.

When I watched the first episode, I smiled as they talked about finding clothes to wear for an event and even joked about their weight.  “There can only be one fat Mary.” “We’ll be two tons of fun.”  It showed me that I wasn’t the only one who was self-conscious about my curves.

For a moment, I laughed when the manager for Mary Mary addressed the difficulty in dressing gospel singers, and having to walk the fine line between looking trendy and matronly. I knew that was a line I walked daily, wondering if something is too tight, too baggy, too short, or too long.

And I really connected with Tina after her husband requested she take off the sweats and look the way he “liked [her] to look.”  I know how hard it can be to find something my husband finds attractive, but still be comfortable. And I know what it’s like to wish you could have it together everyday with perfect hair and makeup, but realize it’s not really who you are.

Although I’m not famous like Mary Mary and don’t have millions of people watching everything I do, I can relate to things Erica and Tina deal with on a smaller scale.  And it helps me find peace in the fact that I’m not perfect, and don’t have to be.

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  1. I haven’t watched their show yet. I might have to tune in. I watch very few reality shows. I watch Tia and Tamera. Though, Tamera got on my nerves, it was a good show. I also like it and the Braxtons because despite the arguments, they are family and the love each other and come through for each other. They aren’t just some randoms chicks thrown together to see who can be the most ratchet and degrading. Women who have no real connection to each other and don’t care about the other’s feelings, it’s just about self promotion.

    1. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I watch the Braxtons too sometimes. I definitely can’t relate to having such a big family, but there are moments where their mom reminds me of my mom…like the time she told Tamar, “I’ll slap the piss outta you.” Took me back, and made me laugh so hard.

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