I used to be afraid of color.
Each bright hue, stretched across the canvas that is me.
Too bold.
Not slimming.
I’ll stick to black.

I used to be afraid of color.
Each wall in my expanse of space to remain white.
Not wanting to change.
The choices too many to handle.

I used to be afraid of color.
Each sketch drawn in shades of gray.
Where pencil is erasable
Where traces of mistakes go unnoticed.

But I am changing.

Now I live for bright blue skies,
Moments wearing pink
and the chance to paint my life or anything I can
in color.

Taking the 5 minute challenge with The Gypsy Mama this Friday. Writing for 5 minutes on one topic with no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking:

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  1. I love this. I too am trying to overcome my fear of color. I’d rather just fade into the background but God is challenging me to be bold, like He is. Thanks for this perspective on color.

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