When I was a child, I was very thin. Skinny. I had long arms, long legs, big knees, and a head that somehow seemed too big for my body. I thought I would stay that way forever, having a petite mother and all. But I didn’t.

I remember looking at the early bloomers in school and wishing I was one of them. But by the time I caught up with them (then surpassed them), I wanted to be one of the skinny girls again. I was 12 years old when I became obsessed with models. I had a collage on my wall with cutouts of Tyra, Naomi, and all the other queens of the runway. I’d always hoped I would have a growth spurt and become one of those tall, skinny girls. But nothing ever really happened.

Not A Skinny Girl

I only grew two more inches, making me the standard 5’4″ (5’6″ with heels on). So I lived in heels. But that didn’t help the fact that I couldn’t wear sample sizes. After all, I’d never worn women sizes 0 through 4 a day in my life. And I had a hard enough time fitting into clothes without my curves making me look “too mature” for my age. Oh, how I longed to wear tank tops, shorts, and sundresses in the summertime without hearing rude comments and without it appearing like I was showing “my goods” to the world. Instead, I just avoided them at all costs.

I saw my curves as a burden. They kept me insecure, and constantly comparing myself to other girls and noticing how they looked in what they were wearing. I would workout constantly or go on crash diets. At one point, I even ventured into a form of bulimia with laxatives. I was trying to make myself feel beautiful by setting an unattainable standard for myself. That wasn’t the way to go.

Okay With Being Curvy

At 27 years old, I see things differently. I’ve learned to accept my curves and thank God for them. And it’s, in part, thanks to women like Kim Kardashian. Women in the spotlight I can identify with. Women who are clearly not skinny girls. Women who have had the same insecurities I have had in the past. Women who refuse to let the world tell them they must fit into a “skinny girl” mold.

In fact, Kim Kardashian says “So what?” to the notion of not being a skinny girl. She made the comment during an interview with staffers at Shape Magazine (who, by the way, chose her to be their cover girl for their June 2010 issue).

She discussed her growing pains, her sweet tooth, and how she’s transformed her life to get in the best shape of her life, and become a healthy girl with curves. Then she talked about the clothing line she started with her sisters for Bebe, designed to cater to different body types. There was even a feature showing the exercises she does to *keep* her curves in tact.

This is just proof the perception of what is healthy and fit is changing. It shows that it doesn’t matter if you’re not a 0, 2, or a 4—as long as you’re taking care of yourself.

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