Lately, my alarm has been going off before sunrise. The jarring beeps cause me to stumble out of bed and press the off button.

I make my way to the shower. And as the water hits me, my eyes widen and I thank God for another day, anxious for the moments to follow where I sit with my breakfast, my Bible, a book of my choice, and my devotional.

I look forward to the quiet, the time to mentally prepare for the day.

It’s time I never made time to experience until the new year.

And now, it’s the best part of my day.

I used to start my day hurriedly after pushing the snooze button about five times. I would take a quick shower, find the clothes I didn’t have to iron, and save my makeup for the car. And forget making the bed, making lunch, or even thinking about putting something in the slow cooker for dinner. Just rushing.

And all that rushing made me feel like I was always one step behind, struggling to catch up.

I would always hear about early risers who read the paper or watch the news while they eat breakfast, go for a morning run, or hit the gym for a quick workout. There’s no way you’d catch me going for a morning run or working out in the a.m. (been there, done that and didn’t want the postcard), but I can appreciate what it does for them.

My devotional time does the same thing for me.

I sit. I read. I write. I think.

I meditate in the still of the morning, and get focused.

Even though there may be kittens scuffling around nearby, it doesn’t bother me. My mind is ready for the day ahead.

For the first time in two and a half years, my hubby was the one snoozing while I got up and at em’ last week. But soon, we could both be enjoying the morning. He says he wants to develop his own a.m. routine. Hopefully, that means in between those still moments alone, we can make time for some morning moments together.

What’s your morning routine?

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  1. That’s fantastic, Claresa. My hubby and I usually have our time together in the morning (breakfast and/or coffee) and then once he leaves (early) I have my quiet time with the Lord. It’s such a blessing to have that time in the morning to not rush around hurriedly but to be able to begin the day in the right mindset.

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