Time is slipping away from me.
I feel the pressure of each second in my grasp as I grapple to hold onto it.
59, 58, 57…
But I can’t.
So I fear.
Thinking there’s never enough time to do all I want to do,
all I need to do.
In a moment’s distraction, I lose hours,
precious hours that
I am told not to worry about,
by worrying anyhow.
I worry about what I should’ve done,
could’ve done,
would’ve done
if only I had more time.

Time is slipping away from me.
Days turn into months
and months into years
As I try to calculate each moment
and manipulate the future.
My life becomes a task list
with boxes left unchecked,
and deadlines passed
Only they are my deadlines.
Not His.
And they rest in a grave of agony.
And I am lying right there with it.
if only I had more time.

Time is slipping away from me,
and there’s nothing I can do
but realize He knows the hours
and realize He knows my truth:
That my obsession won’t make me any better
or add moments to my life,
make me any closer to perfection
or make me Holy in His sight.
I must give in to contentment
and stop worrying about the days:
the days I didn’t,
the days I couldn’t
and the days I just wish would fade
away into obscurity;
those imperfect moments that shine.
I need to breathe
and let go
of the seconds I yearn to hold,
and find rest in peace of mind

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  1. I pretty much wish that every day. Most of the time it’s my own fault. I’m a HUGE procrastinator! I’m learning to just let it go. If it’s something really important, I try to make time. If not…oh well…

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