You never think you’re going to take a vacation and actually learn something. But you can, if you’re open to it.

For months, my husband tried to plan a nice beach vacation for us, but it didn’t work. We ended up going to Atlanta instead, and it was the best decision we ever made. We got the chance to see the city in a way we’d never seen it, and reconnect with friends.

The first stop was the Georgia Aquarium, where we truly saw the greatness of God. We got to examine creation on a whole new level. It was amazing! We honestly became like children, noticing how unique each creature was.

Then several times throughout our visit, we marveled at the beauty of the architecture and the engineering behind it. We couldn’t help but realize that people were created with such intelligence! (It’s up to the person whether they act on that intelligence)

Through all this, I learned that all creatures were excellently made with specific functions that allow them to live in their environment. We all have our purpose and a place in this great, big biosphere. And people have gifts that allow them to tap into their purpose.

I know people who are great writers, great reporters, great leaders, great counselors, and great performers. And no one can do what they do quite like they do it.

One of my hubby’s college friends is a great producer. And that’s just one of his many gifts. He knows how to facilitate a vision, and will do whatever it takes to see it through.

We didn’t know it when we arrived in Atlanta, but he had created an itinerary for our trip with the hopes of opening our eyes to the possibilities of a life filled with vision and an increased passion for our purpose.

And it worked. We could see the excellence of God in every moment. And were renewed because of it.

Now isn’t that what a vacation is supposed to be about? A true renewal of the mind, body, and spirit?

When was your last great vacation?

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