No matter how much we try to clear our minds and prepare our hearts for positive experiences, there are some days we don’t want to smile. When we feel like joy has escaped us and we’re angry, frustrated, or easily irritated. When we just don’t want to do anything.

Those days are hard.

And it can seem like we’ll feel uninspired forever.

When that happens, I can always find beauty and inspiration in the words I believe were inspired by His Spirit.

As a Christian, I get inspired when I see remnants of the image and/or attributes of God in His creations–in nature, in people, in art. However, the Bible lets me explore God’s magnificence through the artistry of creation, the wisdom of the Proverbs, the poetry of the Psalms, and the stories of lives changed by the Gospel.

And through it all, it me points me to the ultimate inspiration, Jesus Christ.

cross-and-bible-1500271-1279x863After all, he is “the founder and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2).

The scriptures tell us we are to deny our self-centeredness and follow Jesus, and to take on his yoke and learn from him–letting him be our guide.

Though we will always be sinners who fall short of his example, we are to aspire to the standard he set.

bible-1417401-1279x850We get an idea of who Jesus is and how he can inspire us when we read about his birth, his message, those he met, and how he interacted with them.

When we see that the Son of God, the Prince of Peace wasn’t born in the most lavish environment, it shows us that our backgrounds don’t have to define our future.

When we see that Jesus was tested in the wilderness and survived without merely taking the easy way out, it shows us that we can also make it through our trials.

When we see how he did what he was called to do, despite criticism and the most vile form of persecution, it motivates us to pursue our own callings and realize that nothing will stop God’s plan to work out everything in our lives for good.

And when we see how he always met the weary and the broken right where they were, and showed them the love of God (even if dealing with them was considered taboo), it shows us that it isn’t right to avoid people or situations just because they look messy or out of the norm.

Through the Bible, we come to know God in the most intimate of ways–through His Son and the inspiration of His Holy Spirit.


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This is Day 16 of the series, 31 Days of Inspired Living. Join me through the month of October as I write about what I think it looks like to find the inspiration that makes us better. I’ll also offer some encouragement for your journey. In case you missed a day, you can find previous posts in the series here.

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