My home is full of words. Reminders to believe. Reminders to dream. Reminders to have faith. The list goes on. You might expect that to be the case for a girl who writes, but it’s more the case for a girl who goes.

I tend to think and go and go some more until I hit that proverbial brick wall that makes you feel like you really hit one. I’ve always been the “can’t quit, keep going” girl, and I married a man who is wired the same way. Our minds race with ideas and thoughts about what we should be doing next.

Seeing the things I want to take hold of in life — in big, bold letters — helps me remember to make them priorities.

It wasn’t until I read a post on the Nesting Place blog that I realized I don’t have any reminders to rest.

My husband and I both know the benefits of rest for our minds and our bodies, and how we turn into these horrible versions of ourselves when we don’t get as much of it as we think we need. Yet it’s still hard for us to get to a place where we press pause on our own.

Time and time again, God makes provisions for us to find rest when we need it — no matter how much we fight it. Last week, sickness stopped my husband right where he stood so he would slow down and relax. Meanwhile, I kept going for him and for my daughter. It’s a thing I think we all do. We do what we have to do until it catches up with us. Needless to say, after some restless nights I’m feeling the weight of it all and I’m exhausted. So I’m in the midst of taking some time to rest.

While I rest, I want to encourage you to find the time to rest as well, and let you know that if you’ve been losing energy and sleep like me, it’s okay to acknowledge the need for a break. There is a plan at work to give you the rest you need.


*If you need another reminder these days and want to make it visible in your home, these Words Matter letterpress block letters by (in)courage for DaySpring would be a great way to do it. There are also numbers, punctuation marks, and decorative symbols  to help you say exactly what you want in the right way. There’s even an interactive website to make it easier. 

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